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The majority of work undertaken is under NDA and we do regard customer confidentiality of paramount importance. This serves to protect both the clients IPR and their marketing position. Anonymity is advisable for an assignment to rescue a failing development or as the consequence of restructuring.

Below is a list of just some of the projects and activities we have undertaken and references and endorsements can be provided if they become appropriate.

Project Examples

The following are some of the projects undertaken.

Large Format Injet Printer. UK based VC funded startup

- Contribution and support to initial product concepts and product, project planning

- Design studies including system partitioning and industrial design
- Identification and recruitment of key industrial partners - multinational
- Detailed mechanical, electronic and software design for prototype system
- Packaging design for consumables
- Advise, support and review product launch planning
- Design and production of sales collateral including brochures, posters and web site
- System development
- Introduction of engineering, purchasing and manufacturing systems, including IT
- Subcontract manufacture of bespoke electronic assemblies
- Mentoring for engineering and support personal
- Documentation, Manuals, customer training and support
In-line Cleaning Plant - multinational automotive - UK Capital Equipment Manufacturer
- liason with final customer engineering and commercial staff
- technical and commercial proposal submission
- project planing, management and reporting to client & final customer
- detailed electronic, electrical, software design and support
- support and specification for for mechancial design
- system and process testing, appoval and acceptance
- on site commissioning, support and traning (UK and USA)
Engineering management, support and detailed design - Retail Equipment plc
- project planning and management for new product design and launch
- system partitioning and detailed design of key sub systems
- advice on reorganisation of engineering function
- participation in technical due diligence for major acquisition
Engineering systems development and product appraisal - Industrial Laser Systems
- design, coding and implementation of engineering / support management, scheduling tools
- EMC pre compliance testing and design of modifications to meet standards
Technical Support - UK plc
- evaluation of and recommendations for further development of RFID product
Summary of Other Projects / Expertise / activities and industries
Our associates are either currently engaged in, or have previously been undertaken a broad range of developments which are summarised here for interest.
- Consumer electronics
- Process production and test instrumentation for pharmaceutical industry
- Commercial and entertainment lighting control systems
- Sales lead tracking and forecasting tools / design / implementation / training and support
- NDT equipment and process design
- Defence equipment design / graphics / data acqusition
- Design and manfacture of process equipment for the electronics production industry
- Commercial graphics systems for the printing industry
- Pneumatic pick and place and process line equipment
- Image processing / analysis systems
... and many others

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